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Attraction is a strange thing. Some people seem able to attract many interesting people into their life while others struggle to meet anyone suitable. So why is this? Attraction is a mind set that can be harnessed by anyone. It is taking a positive position when going out to meet new people. Setting intention and expectation before entering a social arena is so powerful. What you expect is exactly what you get, each and every time.

Watching your thought processes before socialising is important to ensure you are indeed putting your best foot forward. Many people when socialising self sabotage their chances of success for many reasons. It could be that you are entering into a situation that has you nervous. Your nervousness may be due to past experiences that have led you to believing that once again you shall experience the same outcome. It could be memories of being rejected, that has you behaving in a way that self sabotages your chances of success.

You may believe that each person you meet will not be interested in engaging you in a conversation and so you turn to a different operating personality, a defensive one, one that has you pushing energetically these people away.

This defensive mind set could produce social behaviour that is not showing you at your best. The behaviour that has you drinking too much alcohol or being uptight and extremely conservative, or has you being arrogant and opinionated, or has you grand standing your brilliance or over talking or perhaps sometimes even being straight out rude. By understanding that this defensive behaviour is sabotaging your chances at social success is a great start to change from negative unattractive behaviour to empowering attractive behaviour.

The little voice in your head that tells you that you are not worthy of someone’s engagement in conversation is very damaging to your attraction factor. So is the fear of showing the real you and being rejected. What if you love to dance but fear someone laughing at you on the dance floor? What if you fear letting loose and telling a joke that falls flat? Or a fear that has you too scared to approach another and simply start a conversation for fear of having a back turned to you?

Most people have experienced social rejection. No-one likes it and you probably aren’t in a hurry to go down that path and risk this happening again. Yet really what are they saying to you? They don’t know you and have made assumptions based on their past experience that has them moving away from you. Or they may have made an assumption again based on their past experience that has placed you into a box they don’t want to experience. It could be that you have the physical appearance of someone who hurt them in the past. It could be that they are not single for you to approach. It could be that they are in an unhappy place and don’t desire new company. It could be that they have decided you are too short or tall or old or young or attractive or unattractive or different culture or different dress sense or different fill in the blank. Each of these assumptions is to do with the person making them and has nothing to do with you. Your fear of approaching another is simply you also making an assumption based on their reaction to you. Unless you have the real conversation, you won’t know. Be brave and move through these fears.

Face your fears. See them for what they are. False Emotion Appearing Real. Behave how you truly desire to behave. If you like dancing, then dance. If you like telling a joke, then tell it. If you desire to approach someone, then approach them. People engaging in behaviour that is genuine and heart centered give off a high attraction factor. We have all loved watching the person having a great time on the dance floor regardless of whether they are technically a good dancer. We all love the person who is trying to make us laugh, even with bad jokes. We all are more likely to engage with someone who genuinely wants to know more about us.

Set your intent first. Set it from your heart. Is this what you truly desire? If the answer is yes, then your attraction factor will go up enormously ensuring you now become one of those people who others are attracted to. The one who is being who they truly desire to be. The one who is having the fun without any fears. They are in the moment simply being.

You too can be this person. Go on, get out amongst it all and have fun being you. You are perfect and you are worthy.

Yours in love

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