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Because we understand you...

  • You will feel safe! We carefully design each dinner and event to be sure that we can maximise interactions while ensuring you feel comfortable and in control. Our larger events are in private areas of licensed venues, with Social8 hosts checking attendees and 'watching' throughout the night. And all members attending smaller events or dinners have been registered. We also get feedback from attendees after events, and are very quick to ban people who are not genuine and respectful. 

  • No awkward moments. You will not be asked for a date or your phone number at our members only dinners and events. We take care of all that post event. You get to share your feedback with us and if you wish to exchange contact details with another member, we facilitate this for you. No more having that awkward moment when someone puts you on the spot for your phone number. You even get time to process and think about swapping numbers. And it's perfect for those who struggle to say no.

  • Social8 gives you regular opportunities to get out and meet people; to have fun, to laugh, to try new things, to meet people as you are today, to have new opportunities to look forward to, to get to know yourself better, to get better at socialising, and did we mention fun? To have fun, fun and fun! New friends, potential dates or lovers will not come knocking on your door - give yourself permission to get out and find them! It’s all about you and time for you to place yourself first.

  • Meeting people at dinners and events means you won’t be judged unfairly in the first five minutes. You get to spend more time sharing yourself and opening up to others - showing them the real you - sparking that deeper connection - much more than you could through a few emails or a quick chat in a nightclub or bar.

  • Meet men who are genuine, single and not game players. Men who join us do so because they want to date, or genuinely want to make new female friends (rather than just using that as a line). Social8 is where the good men are hanging out!

How does Social8 help you?

  • Our members are social. And 100% of the men you meet are single and wanting to meet YOU. Attending a function, even by yourself, has never been so easy. If you're still unsure, our hosts attend the larger events and are there to assist you mingle.

  • For the dinners-for-6, you'll meet genuine singles of your age, and at least two new men each time! (Or you can ask to dine with a previous man again if you're unsure and want to suss him out some more in a group environment)

  • At our events or dinners, you can relax for a few hours, and have the opportunity to share more about you than you would in a few emails or in a conversation at a bar or club. No more being judged in the first few minutes (or maybe seconds).

  • Social8 also gives you practice and confidence at simply being you, so when your perfect man appears, you are ready to handle chatting and dating him with confidence instead of being socially awkward from lack of practice.

D​oes that sound good?


Hear about some experiences from past and current Social 8 members

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