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Dinners-for-6 are the core of Social8. These are for 3 single men, and 3 single women, of similar age, and we guarantee you'll dine with at least 2 people of the opposite gender who you haven't dined with yet every dinner. Held almost every weekend of the year at inner city restaurants (North Adelaide, Norwood, Kensington etc).


These dinners are perfect for people who want to connect for more than just 5 minutes, who want to be given a chance to show who they really are and who want to get to know others in a relaxed environment. Being part of a group reduces the pressure on YOU to provide all the conversation, and you get to meet a number of other singles in your age range.


When you arrive, there will be a table reserved for Social8, with name placecards around the table (just with first names). Most people are meeting for the first time, so you're all nervous together! But with 5 other people there, the pressure of conversation isn't all on you. Grab a drink, order your meal, and give yourself time to relax and get to know everyone properly.

You pay the restaurant directly for your food and beverages (you order and pay for what you'd like from the restaurant's standard menu).

After each dinner, we get your feedback about how the dinner went, and ask if there is anyone you want to exchange contact details with. If you both agree, then we give you each other's number and what you do after that is up to you. We can also arrange for you to specifically dine with someone, or specifically NOT dine with someone, if required.

Dinners-for-6 are part of the Social8 Gold Membership.

See the restaurants we use here.

Read the dinner T&Cs.

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