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Clients call her 'the magician'. Radio stations call her the Love Doctor and the Love Guru however Jane describes herself as a love, happiness, dating and relationship coach who works for the love Gods and Angels.


Jane is the author of two books on love, ‘Thoughts on Love, Life and all that Jazz’ and ‘Tough Love, Getting the Date’. She writes a column for Innerself magazines and has a national weekly radio show on the Grant Broadcasters Network called 'Soul Sisters' heard around Australia on over 20 stations. She also has weekly and regular radio segments on Fresh FM, SAFM, Power FM, LAFM and FiveAA as well as a Top 10 iTunes podcast Love-Life.


Jane hosts regular public seminars and webinars as well as has a busy one on one coaching practice helping people with love, happiness, relationships and dating. Previous owner of Social8, she is passionate about all things to do with love and happiness, whether you are single, in a relationship or something in-betweeen.


This is it, your real chance to work out what has been going wrong, why and how to change to ensure a better result. Jane may have your question answered already! 



How does coaching work?
What are the costs?

Love is a process and this service isn't a one hit wonder however while love isn't a game, dating and happiness is! Jane will help you get it right. Be it the dating do's and dont's, healing the past, how to present well, truth and tough love time, how to create a richer, happy relationship, bring more joy into your life, knowing who is a good match or stopping self sabotaging behavour. Jane is the girl to help you change for a better future. Fast results orientated magic that works!

So what does the love coach do?  Jane aims to have you experience a different and new way of achieving greater love and happiness in your life. No more ground hog day (where each date and/or relationship is similar to the last). She starts by looking at your past dating and relationship history to determine any reoccuring themes that may not be working in your best interests. She looks for self sabotaging behaviour that may be preventing you from achieving love in your life. These are what Jane calls, 'love blockages'. As she identifies your love blockages she uses various tools to help you to change for a better future outcome.

Coaching is about helping you be the best you can be and in this case, in the love game. Jane will help you work on both your inner game and outer game. Be it changing old beliefs, heaing the past, creating new ways to confidently approach the opposite gender, reading body language, positivity skills, ahieving work/life balance,  reprograming old beliefs, dealing with dating do's or dont's, changing your appearance, getting good conversation skills,  understanding dating in todays style or much much more. We currenty have several ways to book Jane for coaching.

Jane, Well done, no professional has EVER made that break through. It's magic, well done and thank you, you're a magician. Linden, 39



Then check out Jane's weekly free iTunes podcast Love-Life. With dozens of 30 minute episodes to listen to, you may find your answer here. Available to listen to or download here  Or check out when Jane will be hosting her next free webinar or seminar. Visit


Want a fast quick answer? Then perhaps your question has been answered already on Fresh FM's weekly segment 'the Love Guru'. To view the questions answered and hear short 4 minute answers, visit


​TO BOOK A SESSION WITH JANE CALL  0418 807 487 or email below.





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​​​​​​​​​​​​Jane can offer a premium coaching package (limited positions available) as well as a 50 minute appointment when time permits in her schedule. She also offers a short 15 minute phone consult to help you with a quick question to get you back on track fast.

Fifteen minute phone consult - Cost $50

One on one 50 minute session with Jane - Cost $200

Two half hour phone sessions scheduled one week apart for important follow up work - Cost $300

Premium coaching package; includes 8 weekly sessions with Jane to get your inner and outer game ready for dating and love! - Cost $1900 (Payment plans are available)


Here are some of the situations Jane has helped resolved recently with one on one coaching:

My partner has withdrawn his interest from me. Please help me reconnect

My marriage has recently ended and I don't know where to from here. I want to socialise but am scared of rejection and feeling anxious.

My last two relationships were with fabulous women. I suspect I have blown it however I don't know why.

All my relationships only last around 2 months.

I get dates easily however rarely does the girl want to date me a third or fourth time.

I don't know how to make friends and am starting to feel lonely. I need help to know how to do this.

I struggle to tell my partner no and be heard. As a result I am always doing things I don't want to do.

I'm shy and want to learn to be more social.

I'm in love with a man who can't commit to me.

Help, we can't stop fighting and it's becoming toxic.


I want to forget my ex however I can't seem to move on.

Life is getting very hard and I need help. Am I becoming depressed?

I've been estranged from my family for 7 years and wish to reconnect.

I've caught my partner trying to hook up with another woman.

I get dates easily when in organised social situations however I would like to learn to approach any woman anywhere. This I find difficult.

​​And much much more!


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